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I, being the Applicant (or authorised by the Applicant) hereby apply for the Local Chamber Limited Membership of NSW Business Chamber (“NSWBC”) as part of the Chamber Alliance Program with this Local Chamber (Kingscliff and District Chamber of Commerce), and agree to be bound by the NSWBC constitution and terms and conditions as amended from time to time and available on the NSWBC website at I acknowledge and agree that our NSWBC membership benefits and entitlements are per the Schedule set out by NSWBC. I understand and agree that our membership of the NSWBC is for a period of 12 months and the renewal of our membership for further periods of 12 months each is subject to our Local Chamber renewing the Local Chamber Alliance Agreement with NSWBC each year and our business continuing to be a member of our Local Chamber. I understand and agree that our NSWBC membership benefits and entitlements may vary by agreement between the NSWBC and our Local Chamber.

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You agree that your membership is subject to approval by the Kingscliff & District Chamber of Commerce executive committee and any fees will be refunded if membership is not approved.

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All applications for membership must satisfy the following constitutional requirements of the Kingscliff & District Chamber of Commerce;
a person or a company may be a member provided they are actively engaged in commerce, trade, services, industry, manufacture or tourism.

All applications for full membership are subject to the discretion of the Executive.

Terms and Conditions

This application is subject to nomination acceptance by an existing ORDINARY MEMBER of the Kingscliff & District Chamber of Commerce. Placing an order for membership through this website does not entitle the applicant to immediate acceptance.